The Binx Sisters First Christmas

Personal Project

Our two girls 'The Binx Sisters' feature heavily in our personal project work, just call them our mini muses! So when we have time we like to film them as often as possible.

Christmas 2015 was Alexa's first (at 10.5 months) and Elsie's second (at 23 months) so their very first Christmas together. Aside from filming 'The Binx Sisters' on Christmas Day itself, we enjoyed creating a video about the run up to the big day. Here you will find our little ones getting festive from mid December to Christmas Eve.

We used the same cameras to film our girls as we use to capture our high end Wedding Videos. This video was captured in 6K on RED EPIC Dragon Camera's, the same high end digital cinema camera that was is also used to film The Hobbit, House of Cards and Homeland. Various lenses were used included Zeiss CP2's and the multi versatile Canon L Series Zoom collection.

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