Travel Photography


One of the biggest losses of my life was in 2010 when I was burgled, they stole hardly anything of value but took my two laptops. One had a broken screen and was almost ten years old, it was connected to my new laptop data transferring, sending all my photos since photography went digital. All of my back ups were stolen, my hard drive was also stolen. It probably took me 4 or 5 years to get over it, but not fully! Thank goodness these days for the cloud and for my wider knowledge of how to save everything, everywhere!

When I travel I take hundreds of photos of scenery, street art and of the faces I meet. I can still remember most of my photos as they're ingrained in my mind like a piece of art, coming to terms with losing the actual pictures has always been hard. My collection travel photography (a few shown here) is still quite extensive, I've been lucky enough to continue my travels and in recent years (to name but a few) have visited India, China, Peru, USA, Chile, Australia, Brazil, New Zealand, Argentina, Paraguay, Antigua and South Africa. I pretty much live to travel, always have done.